9 Oct

About ACHE


The American College of Healthcare Executives is an international professional society of more than 40,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. ACHE offers its prestigious FACHE® credential, signifying board certification in healthcare management. ACHE’s established network of 80 chapters provides access to networking, education and career development at the local level. In addition, ACHE is known for its magazine, Healthcare Executive, and its career development and public policy programs. Through such efforts, ACHE works toward its goal of being the premier professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improving healthcare delivery. The Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives was established to further advance healthcare management excellence through education and research. The Foundation of ACHE is known for its educational programs—including the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership, which draws more than 4,000 participants—and groundbreaking research. Its publishing division, Health Administration Press, is one of the largest publishers of books and journals on health services management including textbooks for college and university courses.

Vision, Mission and Values

ACHE’s vision, mission and values provide the basis for organizational direction and decision making in service to the organization and profession. ACHE’s fundamental purpose (mission) and the essential core values of the profession form the foundation for our strategy. Creating the desired long-term future (vision) is a fundamental guiding principle for ACHE’s strategic direction.

Vision: To be the preeminent professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improving health.

Mission: To advance our members and healthcare management excellence.

Core Values: As members of the American College of Healthcare Executives, we are committed to:

  • Integrity: We advocate and demonstrate high ethical conduct in all we do.
  • Lifelong Learning: We recognize lifelong learning is essential to our ability to innovate and continually improve ourselves, our organizations and our profession.
  • Leadership: We lead through example and mentoring, and recognize caring must be a cornerstone of our professional interactions.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We advocate inclusion and embrace the differences of those with whom we work and the communities we serve.

Strategic Objectives: Setting Organizational Direction

ACHE’s three strategic objectives—preserve and enhance, extend and adapt, innovate and educate— serve as broad statements of how the organization expects to create value for members and the profession over the next several years.

Preserve and Enhance core offerings to drive continued recognition of ACHE as the preeminent organization and trusted partner for healthcare leadership growth. Investing in relevant programs and services that deliver a high level of satisfaction and value must be a priority. By doing so, ACHE will continue to earn its status as the trusted partner for healthcare leadership growth.

Extend and Adapt ACHE offerings and brand position to meet the needs of the emerging market in healthcare leadership. Today’s healthcare leaders come from increasingly diverse settings, disciplines and backgrounds. Education programs, career services, the FACHE® credential, networking and volunteer leadership opportunities will be extended to and adapted for the changing healthcare leader.

Innovate and Educate to deliver meaningful new solutions to healthcare leaders. Challenges unlike those of the past confront today’s leaders and new solutions are needed for continued growth.

The strategic objectives will be implemented through four key initiatives that further define specific accomplishments to pursue within the plan’s horizon. The success of the plan will be measured to accomplish the following outcomes considered desirable to achieve ACHE’s strategic intent. The strategic outcomes include:

  • Increased membership and participation across the spectrum of healthcare leadership
  • Increased brand awareness and perceived value among members and key constituents
  • Higher levels of member engagement and satisfaction
  • Greater impact in advancing safe, effective and efficient healthcare

Strategic Initiatives: Focusing Our Efforts

To achieve its strategic objectives, ACHE will embark on the following four key initiatives. Each initiative includes a series of well-developed, cross-functional action plans designed to advance or achieve the strategic objectives.

To advance the practice and community of leadership through partnerships, ACHE will:

  • Advance Executive Diversity: Take a leadership role in helping to advance diverse healthcare executives by forming sustainable partnerships, engaging stakeholders and offering resources to help diverse executives be successful.
  • Innovate Leadership Solutions: As part of our ACHE/National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) partnership, develop and export leadership practices identified to develop and sustain cultures of safety.

Market Relevance
To expand engagement of all healthcare leaders, ACHE will:

  • Increase Membership and Engagement: Promote the value of ACHE membership for targeted recruitment of high-profile, nonmember CEOs and new members from identified market segments. Increase member engagement in the use of programs, products and services and participation in volunteer activities.
  • Enhance FACHE® Value:Enhance efforts to market the credential to key stakeholders across the career lifecycle of the profession to ensure its continued relevancy to the marketplace. Enhance the value of the FACHE® credential, especially to new market segments.

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