Diversity and Inclusion

Arizona Healthcare Executives
Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Arizona Healthcare Executives embraces diversity within the healthcare management field and recognizes that priority as both an ethical and business imperative. The Arizona Healthcare Executives values diversity and initiatives that promote diversity because they can improve the quality of the organization’s workforce. The Arizona Healthcare Executives also values and actively promotes diversity in its leaders and members because diverse participation can serve as a catalyst for improved decision making, increased productivity, and a competitive advantage.

Further, the Arizona Healthcare Executives works to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability because an inclusive environment can enhance the quality of healthcare, improve hospital/community relations, and positively affect the health status of society. This priority is reflected in the chapter’s various activities and initiatives.

The Arizona Healthcare Executives is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion through the following activities:

Within the Chapter Organization:

  • The Chapter Board of Directors formed a Committee on Diversity and Inclusion charged with conducting an annual self-assessment of the chapter’s diversity and inclusion practices and proposing new practices and programs
  • The Chapter Nominating Committee is charged with assuring that the chapter board of directors and its committees are broadly representative of the chapter membership and with maintaining a diverse and inclusive chapter leadership
  • The Chapter Board of Directors created a Diversity and Inclusion Liaison reporting to the board of directors with full voting privileges
  • The Chapter Board of Directors developed and is executing a strategic plan that has a specific goal focused on diversity and inclusion to provide career development, advancement and leadership opportunities that represents all demographics of the chapter’s geographic area
  • The Chapter Diversity and Inclusion Committee developed and maintains a dedicated section on the chapter’s main website focused on Diversity and Inclusion with a prominent link from the home page including monthly post on related topics through LinkedIn

Within the Healthcare Management Field:

  • Conduct at least one chapter educational event offering face-to-face ACHE continuing education credits on the topic of diversity and inclusion
  • Publish at least one chapter newsletter article on diversity and inclusion each year
  • Develop and maintain a caucus organization within the chapter in collaboration with the Arizona Council of Human Services Providers and other local and national affinity organizations to pursue common objectives
  • Develop and maintain a formal, written collaboration agreements/endorsements with C-suite executive champions and affinity community-based organizations like People of Color Network, Inc. to address health disparities and promote health equity
  • Conduct at least one community-outreach program during each year of the plan in collaboration with caucus organizations, affinity groups and healthcare sponsors creating chapter member volunteer opportunities to connect with and serve diverse communities while meeting FACHE certification requirements
  • Feature member executives recognized for their background, expertise and commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the chapter’s Learning from Experience series
  • Partner with other caucus organizations and affinity groups to host at least one networking event per year
  • Establish an annual CEO Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion event for the chapter with respected national and local keynote speakers/moderator.

Arizona Healthcare Executives Strategic Plan (2014 – 2016)
Goal Area 5: Diversity & Inclusion 

To provide career development, advancement and leadership opportunities that represents all demographics of the AHE geographic area.


  1. Form committee structure of AHE Diversity and Inclusion initiative.
  2. Create plan to conduct at least one community-based program during each year of the plan, possibly in collaboration with another diversity oriented organization.
  3. Develop affinity agreements/endorsements with various champion executives/groups throughout the state.
  4. Feature CEOs recognized for Diversity and Inclusion in the Learning from Experience series.
  5. Partner with other Diversity and Inclusion groups to host networking events.
  6. Establish annual CEO Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion for AHE with respected keynote speaker/moderator for breakfast roundtable.


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