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2022 Education Events

JAN 26 Women Healthcare Leaders Series: Creating Your Legacy
FREE National ACHE Event (1.0 ACHE Qualified Credit) View Details
FEB 2 Quality Improvements in the Modern Era: Moving from reactive to proactive patient safety
National ACHE Event (1.0 ACHE Credit) View Details
MAR 29 – MAY 5 Virtual Board of Governors Exam Review Course
National ACHE Event (14.0 ACHE Credits) View Details
APR 29 Care Transformation: A Journey in Streaming Care to Improve Efficiency, Cost, and Clinical Variation
National ACHE Event (1.0 Qualified Education Credit) View Details
MAY 12 Ethical Challenges in Healthcare Leadership
Virtual AHE Event (1.5 ACHE Credits) View Details
JUN 8 Going Overboard:  Reducing Lab Ordering Inefficiencies to Improve Outcomes
National ACHE Webinar Event FREE (1.0 Qualified Education Credit) View Details
JUN 22 “Systemness” is Key to Achieving and Sustaining Perioperative Quality, Operational and Financial Performance
National ACHE Webinar FREE Event (1.0 Qualified Education Credit) View Details
JUN 28 Human Trafficking and the Impact on Healthcare
In-Person AHE Event (1.5 ACHE Credits) View Details
JUL 12 Leveraging Open EHR Platforms to Advance Useability, Care, and Outcomes
National ACHE Webinar FREE Event (1.0 Qualified Education Credit) View Details
AUG 25 Filling Gaps in Physician Network Practice Management
National ACHE Webinar FREE Event (1.0 Qualified Education Credit) View Details
SEP 22 AHE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education Breakfast
(1.5 ACHE Credit) View Details
OCT 25 Embracing a Dialogue about Gender Identity & Intersectionality
Virtual AHE Event  (1.5 ACHE Credits)  View Details
NOV 1 Re-Thinking Ambulatory Care
(1.5 ACHE Credits) View Details
NOV 12 7th Annual Harry Harwick Course on Healthcare Administration
Focusing on Foundations – Remembering Why
Virtual Joint-Chapters Event (5 ACHE Qualified Education Credits)   View Details

We Need You!

Ever wonder how you can put your talents to work for your professional society? Your Arizona Healthcare Executives Program Committee is charged to develop and implement regularly scheduled education and networking programs. Educational programs include ACHE-approved Face-to-Face Programs, ACHE-approved distance programs, and other programs the AHE chapter chooses to offer. The committee has the following leadership opportunities available.

  • Committee Secretary: Supporting the VP for committee meeting planning – scheduling meetings, drafting and preparing agendas, minute preparation; record management; supports development and maintenance of a sustainable infrastructure for the committee’s charge
  • Event Promotion: Design invitations/flyers and promote programs; posting in AHE Newsletter, on social media platforms and website; sending electronic announcements
  • Event Logistics: Identify possible venues/negotiate pricing (if applicable) and coordinate the event; manage the event registration process
  • ACHE Face-to-Face Credit Program Planning: Review and propose ACHE’s topics for AHE events; Support the committee by identifying panelists/moderators, venues, and prepping panelists for events; serves as primary point person to complete ACHE’s credit submission requests and reporting requirements
  • Qualified Credit Program Planning: Support the committee by collaborating and coordinating with other AHE committees for qualified event programming to include topics, speakers, and suggested venues

YOU can make an incredible impact on our profession by creating learning opportunities while enhancing your leadership talents in service. Come join us! Please inquire by using our Contact Form and selecting the Programming checkbox. We look forward to connecting with you!

2021 Education Events – Past

  • 2021.03.11- What We Learned: COVID 19 & Supply Chain
  • 2021.04.06 – Pre-Recorded: Equity in Care
  • 2021.05.20 – Telemedicine in the Healthcare Delivery System
  • 2021.05.26 – Leading in a Changing Environment: Focus on Population Health
  • 2021.06.17 – What We learned: COVID 19 & Leadership
  • 2021.09.15 – Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Delivery