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Arizona Chapter Events

Community Outreach

Effective October 2021, Community Outreach opportunities will be part of the AHE quarterly newsletter. You will have the opportunity to engage in diverse settings in the Arizona community, virtually and in person.

Contributing to the industry and one’s local community has been a hallmark of ACHE since its foundation. Healthcare leaders should be part of their communities in order to grow in their leadership positions and understand the needs of the communities they serve. We are committed to leading with intent, integrity and vision.

Ours is a profession guided by the highest calling. To improve health for our patients and our communities. This is our True North. In the field of healthcare, success is defined by the health and wellness of the people we serve. As leaders, we know that positive patient outcomes depend not only on the quality of care delivered by one physician or a single hospital but also on the synergy of individuals and organizations working together to share best practices and influence the field.

I look forward to working alongside you,

Angela R. Tate, LMSW, MBA/HCM
Chair, Community Outreach


AHE members will have ongoing opportunities to connect and grow their professional relationships through participation in scheduled networking activities planned throughout the year. Those interested in participating in the planning and hosting of events are encouraged to reach out for additional information on becoming a member of the networking committee.

No upcoming events scheduled in your area? We are always looking for local hosts around the state to champion events in their communities. We will even do the planning!

For more information on the Networking Committee and/or to host an event in your area, please reach out for more information by emailing me sschmidt@mpcca.com

I hope to see you at an event soon!

Sheila Schmidt-Turkington
Chair, Networking Committee