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AHE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education Breakfast

August 13, 2022

AHE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education Breakfast

Program Description: The communities for which healthcare organizations operate are rapidly diversifying. Not only do they provide care for a diverse community of patients and families, but their workforce is also growing more diverse. This diversity is exhibited in a number of ways, including nationality, race, religion, socioeconomic status, language, age, sexual orientation and physical ability. The business implications and imperatives healthcare organizations face concerning diversity and inclusion are immense. Diverse communities will demand different care needs, improved quality, new or modified operational processes and services, strategic planning for a diverse patient demographic and continuum of care. It is incumbent on healthcare organizations and their leaders to both understand and embrace the needs of diverse populations. Their ability to respond to the needs and preferences of a broader customer base will be critical to their financial and operational survival.

ACHE Members: $40 Non-Members $45 Host – PCHS Staff $0 (No ACHE Credit)

Questions? Contact Sheila by phone or text at 602-639-1015