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FACHE Advancement

AHE is committed to helping our members enhance their knowledge and marketability in the healthcare space by acquiring the Fellow of the American College of Health Executives (FACHE). 154 active AHE members hold a FACHE and are proud to show their commitment to quality leadership. FACHE continues to signify the desire to be strong, competent, and innovative leaders with a lifelong commitment to the healthcare space. More information about FACHE can be found using the button below.


Background: ACHE’s mission is to ‘Advance our Members and Healthcare Leadership Excellence’. With goals to educate, engage and inspire leaders to improve. One of the College’s primary mechanisms for the mission/goals is through fostering competency evidenced by the Fellowship credential. Each chapter is measured by the number of members advancing to Fellowship status each year. Mechanisms are in place to identify chapter members who are eligible and who have registered for the exam.

As a result: AHE has developed a strategy to foster advancement to Fellowship status for our members.

  • AHE budgets annually to support membership advancement.
    • The amount is designed to cover the cost of the preparation material bundle (Books/Flashcards – current cost is $395/bundle) needed to assist members in preparing for the Fellowship examination.
    • Funds will be reimbursed upon submission of receipt and proof of testing by the member.
      • Passing of the examination will not be a requirement.
      • Submission will be to the Treasurer who will arrange for reimbursement and communicate to the Membership Committee Chair.
      • The Committee Chair will assure submission to the proper communication channels.
      • Congratulatory letter sent by the President/Regent.
    • First come first served, submitted by end of November for the year.

If you are interested, please use our Contact Form.